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Tree Services

Enjoy Your Trees with Fewer Worries

Our licensed and insured professionals understand trees and how to keep them healthy, thriving, and safe and to enhance your home or commercial property. At S&J Tree Service, everything we do is a team effort, and we work together to ensure we always provide exceptional service.


We are also committed to thoroughly cleaning up our work site and leaving your property neater than we found it.

Tree work

Our process starts with a complimentary inspection when we will assess the best way to care for your tree or deal with the problem and provide a free estimate.

Residential Tree Work

Residential Tree Work

Regular maintenance is essential to keep trees healthy and beautiful. Tree care includes trimming away dead branches and unwanted growth as well as pruning shoots and small limbs to ensure the best-looking and healthiest growth pattern. Proper trimming takes skill and could be dangerous to tackle without the appropriate experience and safety equipment, especially if the problem branches are high up in the tree. Let us take care of tree maintenance so you have one less thing to worry about in your home's upkeep.

Our residential tree work includes:

  • Trimming branches away from siding and roofing

  • Preventing overcrowding of windows

  • Removing dead branches that could damage structures or litter your yard

  • Pruning to maintain the health of the tree and encourage foliage, flower, and fruit production

Commercial Tree Work

Well-maintained trees look neat and aesthetically pleasing, while unsightly dead branches, overgrowth, or harshly chopped trees are eyesores that detract from your pristine landscape. Our professional tree services help care for the tree's continued health so that you always have beautiful foliage and not unsightly bare spots and stumps. Let us handle the trees so you can focus on your business.

Our commercial tree work includes:

  • Pruning trees to produce beautiful ornamental foliage and flowers without looking overgrown

  • Trimming to prevent fallen branches from littering your property

  • Preventing overgrowth from scratching buildings or overcrowding windows

  • Reducing fire risk by keeping limbs away from electrical lines

  • Removing damaged or poorly placed trees

Residential Tree Work
Commercial Tree Work
Residential Tree Work

Tree Trimming & Removal

As much as we love trees, dead, diseased, or poorly placed trees can be dangerous. Diseased trees can look fine on the outside but lack internal stability and risk falling if not removed safely. Not only that, but they can also spread disease to nearby healthy trees. Dead trees or branches overhanging buildings can cause structural damage if high winds or storms cause them to fall, and branches that are too close to electrical wires can cause power outages and even fires. Our fully-qualified professionals will determine whether a problem tree needs to be removed completely or simply trimmed to a safe distance.

Stump Grinding

If you have a problem stump on your property, you know they can take up space that you could use for a garden, lawn, new driveway, etc. Stumps can also be notoriously stubborn and difficult to remove without the proper equipment. At S&J Tree Service, we have top-of-the-line stump grinders that enable us to take care of the stump completely and quickly. We'll also take care of removing debris so you can enjoy the beauty of your property again. Our team will work hard to make sure you're satisfied. Our tree services help care for the tree's continued health so that you always have beautiful foliage and not unsightly bare spots and stumps. Let us handle the trees so you can focus on your business.

Tree Trimming & Removal
Stump Grinding
Wood Texture
Tree Trimming

From tree trimming and pruning to tree and stump removal, S&J Tree Service is ready to exceed your expectations.

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