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Storm Clean Up

Don't Let Storm Damage Get You Down

As West Michigan residents, we're well aware of how severe weather can wreak havoc on homes, lawns, and properties. From high wind to freezing rain, Michigan has plenty of weather hazards that can damage trees. When the storm is over, you need a reliable contractor to help quickly and safely remove debris and restore your property to pristine condition.

Tree Trimming

In addition to free estimates for non-emergency clean-up services, we also provide 24/7 emergency service for when clean-up just can't wait.

Debris Removal

Safely remove downed trees and debris.

Downed trees and debris can be hazardous, especially if power lines are involved. Never go near power lines on the ground or trees that are near them. We recommend calling a professional tree service to remove them as quickly as possible after the storm has passed. Our trained professionals will work with your electric company to ensure that it is safe to remove the tree and make your property usable again.

Lawn Strip

Enjoy your clean and restored lawn or property.

The last thing you want to do after a storm is to spend hours cleaning up soggy leaves, twigs, and branches. After assessing and addressing storm damage, we always clean up leaves and debris to leave you with a clean yard. Let us take care of clean-up so you don't have to deal with a mess after the storm.

Dark Clouds

Help prepare your property for future storms.

In addition to removing any downed trees, branches, and debris, our sharp-eyed team will evaluate your property for any potential hazards that could cause problems down the road. We will assess the health of damaged trees and remove any branches or trees that could pose a danger in the next storm. Let us provide you with peace of mind.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal
Tree removal

Get a clean-up estimate at no cost to you, or call now for 24/7 emergency service.

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