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Lot Clearing

Tree Triming

Clear the Way for New Growth

Whether you're preparing a plot for new construction or getting ready for a major landscaping project, one of the first steps is to clear the land to provide a clean slate for the new improvements. S&J Tree Service is here to help!


Our qualified team of professionals removes trees, bushes, stumps, and brush efficiently and quickly using state-of-the-art equipment. Let us handle the lot clearing so you can get on to the fun part of building and landscaping!

Residential Lot Clearing

Residential Lot Clearing

Do you want to add a garden, outbuilding, driveway, or recreation area to your yard? There may be obstacles you need to remove first. Don't try to clear the land yourself. Let our professionals help your property fit your household's changing needs.

Commercial Lot Clearing

Commercial Lot Clearing

Is your business expanding? Do you need to add a new building, facility, or parking area? Our fully licensed and insured team can help clear the land area you need to keep up with your company's growth.

Land Clearing for New Construction

Land Clearing for
New Construction

So, you've found the perfect location to build your new home or business facility. Start your new construction project out right with S&J Tree Service's efficient and reliable lot clearing. Our qualified team and state-of-the-art equipment will get you ready to build in no time.

Lot Clearing includes:

Tree removal - Stump grinding - Brush and debris removal -
Clearing material off the lot Free lot inspection and estimate

Wood Texture

No Waste Lot Clearing

Tree Trimming

We are committed to sustainable work practices that help protect Michigan's natural resources, so we don't let usable material go to waste. When we clear trees and brush from a property, we move those materials off the lot and recycle them. If you prefer, we can also leave it for you to use as timber or firewood.

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